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To create your own budget for your dream kitchen, you will need to start by identifying what features and appliances you want to include in your new space. This might include things like new cabinets, countertops, flooring, lighting, and appliances. Once you have a clear idea of what you want, you can start researching prices for each of these items, taking into account both the cost of materials and labor.

Next, you will need to create a detailed budget that includes all of the costs associated with your dream kitchen, including materials, labor, and any other expenses, such as permits or inspection fees. You should also include a contingency fund in your budget to account for unexpected expenses or changes to your plans.

To stay on budget, you may need to make some compromises on certain aspects of your kitchen. For example, you may need to opt for less expensive materials or appliances, or choose to DIY certain parts of the project.

Finally, it is important to keep in mind that remodeling a kitchen can be a significant investment, and it is important to consider the long-term value of the project. It is recommended to consult with a professional remodeler or designer to help you create a realistic budget and plan for your dream kitchen.

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Kitchen Fitting & Accessories

Kitchen accessories fitting involves installing various accessories in a kitchen to improve its functionality and aesthetic appeal. Some common kitchen accessories that may be fitted include:

kitchen accessories drawer

Cabinets and drawers:

These provide storage space for dishes, pots, pans, and other kitchen essentials.

Shelves Kitchen


These can be installed to provide additional storage space and can be used to display decorative items.



Installing lighting fixtures in the kitchen can improve visibility and create a more inviting atmosphere.


Cabinet and drawer handles, knobs and other hardware can be installed to add a decorative touch to the kitchen.


Countertops can be fitted to provide a surface for food preparation and can be made of various materials such as granite, marble, or laminate.

kitchen sink

Sinks and faucets:

These can be installed to provide a source of water in the kitchen and can be made of various materials such as stainless steel or ceramic

kitchen sink
white color counter top with stain steel sink kitchen


Installing appliances such as a chimney, refrigerator, oven, and dishwasher can improve the functionality of the kitchen.

Pantry Storage


A kitchen cabinet pantry is a type of cabinet or storage unit that is typically used to store food, cooking supplies, and other kitchen items. These cabinets are often larger than traditional kitchen cabinets and can have pull-out shelves, drawers, or other types of organization to maximize storage space. Some pantry cabinets are freestanding and can be placed in a separate area of the kitchen, while others are built into the main kitchen cabinetry. Some people also use the term pantry to describe a separate room or closet specifically designated for food storage.

Swing Corner

Pull Out


Up to more than 200 modular kitchens and 100 Customized Wardrobes

We produce these month after month—month after month and growing!

we have skilled professionals such as designers, craftspeople, and production staff.

Keep up with the latest trends and technologies in the industry, and continuously improve and innovate we products and services.

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Welcome to Nice Kitchen Interior Design Company! We are a team of experienced and passionate interior designers who have been creating beautiful and functional spaces for over a decade. Our mission is to help our clients create homes and commercial spaces that reflect their personal style and meet their needs.

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Visit our state-of-the-art interior showroom located in the heart of the city! Our showroom features a wide variety of Modular Kitchen, Wardrobe, and design products from the top brands in the industry.

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Meet our team of experienced interior designers and consultants. We specialize in creating beautiful and functional spaces that reflect your personal style and meet your needs. Our team has a wealth of experience in design and consultancy, and we are committed to providing the highest level of service to our clients.


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Jai Meena
Jai Meena
Nice place to make our home very luxurious they done good job thier works are very neat and perfect staff all are very kind with customers and mr. Ajay sir is very genuine they full fill their customers satisfaction with best price they doing all low to high budget concept they explain what one is looking nice or not nice for our home and whole team is very kind with customers ,all workers are maintaining very clean in the working area thank you for mr.Ajay,saravanan,vijay and whole team members👍🤝
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Jegadish Indian
Nice kitchen is really nice.
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Sree Raj
Wonderful work , very professional and very accommodating to the client
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ஏ.செல்வராஜ் E.selvaraj

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